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On site services

· Technical Support
- Set up and maintenance of NT/2000 servers, all Microsoft operating
  systems, School/Library management software, peripheral devices such as printers, scanners,
  etc. Imaging solutions for workstations.

· Internet Access & E-mail setup - Microsoft Exchange Server, web-based e-mail.

· Network Upgrades - Upgrade NT servers to 2000, Workstation upgrades from NT 4.0 
  to Win2000Pro or WinXP.

· Needs Assessment - "How many switches do I need? What kind of server is adequate for
  my size school? What's the most cost effective way to …". Let Networks & More! help
  you with these important issues.

· Network Design & Configuration - Networks & More! will help you plan your LAN/WAN,
  and get it running for you.

· ISDN/T1 Router Configuration

· Bandwidth & Traffic Monitoring
- Have you ever wondered whether or not your current
  bandwidth was sufficient for your needs? Do you have too much? Too little? Is your ISP
  delivering the bandwidth they promised? Networks & More! can help.

Remote Services

Vulnerability Scanning
- A popular remote service with schools, detects known server
  vulnerabilities to keep your software up to date, and your data safe and secure.

Security Updating - After your servers are secure from known vulnerabilities, you need to 
  keep them that way. Networks & More! can provide ongoing updates and maintenance to ward
  off future attacks. 

Upgrades - Many other software upgrades and installations can be performed remotely,   saving time, money and resources.

Find out more about our remote network services

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