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Why is Remote Management a smart choice for today's network needs?

Monitoring and managing a complex network can be very resource-intensive. It is a costly expense for your school or business. Networks & More! can help you get the most from your technology investments, enhance operations and performance and free your personnel for more productive work.  

Our Remote Network Management Services provide a flexible and scalable remote network management and support service, including monitoring, performance, problem, change, configuration and security to help optimize your network. We support Microsoft operating systems, routers, switches, active hubs, firewalls, mail, patch management and help desk.

If an event occurs -- no matter where -- our team will fix the problem from our Managed Service Center or dispatch a certified field engineer to the trouble location.  With remote management, a potential problem can be fixed before it becomes a big problem; without sending out a technician.  

How does remote management save me money?

With Remote Management, we can execute necessary repairs & updates faster than before while freeing your resources for other important tasks.  Also, the costs associated with having technician travel to your site are eliminated entirely. 

How do I get started?

Call us toll free at 877-225-0100 or e-mail us at networks@k12usa.com for more information.

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